Planning our next trip

We’ve just finished our latest trip and have identified areas we want to visit and some places we would like to see a bit more of.

We decided that we wanted to see more of the beautiful scenery and mountains of the Alps and the Drome region. We also want to explore Burgundy….an area we haven’t visited before except while passing through at 250kmph on a TGV.

We pulled out all our maps of France and checked out where “Velo Routes” in the general areas of interest are. Then we came up with a provisional route and worked out which towns would best fit within a days ride. The towns we want to spend longer exploring have been identified and those where we may need to utilise train transport to link longer distances checked with SNCF timetables to see if trains would work.

Flights have been booked and accomodation at the start and end of trip booked. The itinerary was then checked to see where we would be on Sundays and Mondays…..when shops are often shut…. and towns checked to see if supermarkets would be open or convenient to accomodation.

Our old bikes had been smashed around over the years of travel on planes and we decided that new bikes were needed. Internet research on best touring bikes gave us a list of bikes to look at and we decided on the 2020 Giant Toughroad.

Purchased two bikes and had them fitted to our body sizes.

We are now at the stage of double checking the planned route ensuring that we can get from town to town via either a Bike route or quiet country roads. We are booking accomodation using our preferred booking site. So handy having all,the bookings on the same site as we can see them all at a glance and check that the dates all match up.

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