The Loir

The Loire à Vélo track stretches across France from Saint-Nazaire on the Atlantic and follows the Loir River Valley east between gently rolling hills to Nevers. It continues from there as the EuroVelo Route 6 which goes from the Black Sea to the Atlantic.

This is one of the more established routes in France with excellent infrastructure and and a large number of “Accueil Vélo” (Cyclists Welcome) accomodations. It is signposted clearly, has long sections on just bike paths but is als0 heavily trafficked by cyclists. There are many fantastic sights to see, some which require detours off the route, but these are worth it. For example, at Fontevraud-l’Abbaye you will find the tombs of Eleanor of Aquitaine, her husband Henry IV of England, their son Richard The Lionheart and his wife.

The fortress towns of Loche and Chinion have spectacular castles and the history of Orleans and the connections to Jeanne d’Arc will fascinate those hooked on that type of thing..

Visit and gape at the amazing chateaux of Chambord, Azay-le-Rideau, Chenonceau, Saumur and Amboise – where Leonardo Da Vinci lived his last days and see many of his inventions constructed as life-size models.