What To Bring

A Spirit 0f Adventure…


Because everything must be carried in your panniers, you need to travel light and simple. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to prepare for all eventualities. If the weather turns disastrous – you can always get suitable gear from stores in larger towns. We recommend; a good/lightweight rain-jacket, a few T-shirts, cycle shirt and shorts and open sandles such as Teva/Keens/etc. For Going out ; Females are OK with a light skirt & sandals – Males with denim or cargo shorts and sandals.

Handy Hint : We take a few T-Shirts to begin with and periodically replace them with new T-Shirts from Office de Tourism or local shops.

Equipment ie :cooking kit

Wine glasses, cups and Jugs

When staying in accomodation with cooking facilities, use the facilities provided. However, when the accomodation doesn’t have those facilities (ie: a basic hotel room) it is important that you have your own simple and lightweight equipment for a picnic – unless, you wish to eat out. Pictured is enough equipment for 2 people.

A few melamine cups and plates, knifes and forks, Sharp knife, vegetable peeler, cork screw, good plastic wine goblets and light plates. A Silicone ice tray is great if ice cubes are not readily available (for your evening drinks) and an electric water immerser is handy to boil water in the jug for coffee or tea.

Bike tools and repair kit

Because the bikes need to be partly dismantled for the flight, you will need to have the tools needed to re-assemble the bikes handy. This kit is best carried in the Bike Bag/Case/Box for the flight. Commonly such tools would include;

  • Hex Allan Keys
  • Spanner for pedals or large Allan Key if applicable.
  • Pump
  • Tube repair kit.
  • Spoke spanner


Carry your hex key tool in a handy spot for quick adjustments on your first ride -invariably the handlebars and seat will be slightly off after reassembly.

First Aid

Just start with a few of the basics; Paracetamol, bandaids, prescribed medications if appropriate, etc. If you need anything further these can be purchased from Chemists. Sunscreen is very expensive in France – if you can, put a bottle of Australian sunscreen in your bike bag (not carry on luggage) to get you through the first few weeks of your trip.

We pick up all our toiletries once we are in France.ie: toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner….. small containers may be less value for money but are easier to pack into panniers crammed with everything else.



Plastic snap-lock bags of various sizes are a handy item for keeping things waterproof (like passports or phones) or storing some items of food while travelling.